Functional Fitness and Strength for the Mountain Hunter 2.0

 Hopefully at this point in the season you have all been getting some workouts in, whether it be in the gym, in the streets, or in the mountains. Turkey season is well underway in many states along with spring bear seasons. Don't forget about the all too addicting shed season that has been going for a few weeks now! If you have been getting in some workouts and are ready to up your game to a new level then this may just be the article and workout plan you need. This is definitely a more advanced workout plan, more aimed at those with access to a gym but supplemental exercises can always be done if you have no way into a gym environment. I truly hope some of you tried out the circuits from the first functional fitness post; a huge thank you to those who reached out and let us know how they went for you, what you liked and didn't like, and how they aided you in this early 2017 season.
 Let's get this thing started shall we? No more need for more blabber about the importance of physical fitness in the mountains, just get to freakin' work already!

Day 1:
-250m row or 400m run
-5 pull-ups
-12 burpees
-10 single-arm dumbbell snatches
5 rounds for time

Day 2:
-10 box jumps
-10 wall balls
-10 kettlebell stiff-legged deadlifts
-20 push-ups
-50ft farmer's carry (45lbs in each hand)
5 rounds for time

Day 3:
-250m row or 400m run
-8 toes to bar
-10 burpees
-30 second plank
-10 kettlebell sumo deadlifts (heavy kettlebell)
5 rounds for time

Day 4:
-10 back squats (comfortable weight for you)
-8 pull-ups
-30 second weighted (10-45lb plate) plank
-6 burpees jump over small box
-10 sit-ups
5 rounds for time

Day 5:
-10 (each leg) weighted step back lunges
-15 push-ups
-10 box jumps
-250m row or 400m run
-10 dumbbell push-press
5 rounds for time

 If you are unsure about any of these movements, don't hesitate to shoot us an email at or just search for them on youtube/google. Again, please send us an email or tag us in an instagram video or photo if you do these workouts. Hit the gym, hit the track, hit the hills, and get your sweat on! August and September are right around the corner! Good luck everyone!